NCS and BeyondTrust Strengthen Cybersecurity Stance in Asia

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NCS Group has entered into a strategic partnership with BeyondTrust to provide best practice solutions in Privileged Access Management (PAM).

Targeting government and commercial organizations in Asia-Pacific, the alliance is committed to stronger cybersecurity postures and a simplified path to a zero trust security framework.

Ben Wong, Director of Channel and Alliance in Asia-Pacific and Japan at BeyondTrust, highlighted the rise of ransomware and rising trends in digital transformation and zero trust strategies as motivating organizations to equip themselves with solutions that can “secure identities.” , strengthening remote employee access, and endpoint security in hybrid environments”.

“Through this partnership, BeyondTrust and NCS will enable organizations in Asia Pacific with our PAM solutions to address these cybersecurity challenges,” he added.

According to the cybersecurity provider, digital transformation, an accelerating shift to the cloud and an expanded remote workforce have led to an increase in vulnerable endpoints and remote access, as well as a large number of digital identities that pose a significant security risk if left unmanaged and unsecured.

In a Gartner study, unauthorized privileged access is now the primary method attackers use to infiltrate an organization’s systems and network.

“When organizations think of access management, they may only think of traditional password management — and it shouldn’t be,” Wong claimed. “There is an urgent need for organizations to implement more advanced endpoint security and access management solutions and many are still catching up in this area.

“This partnership with NCS enables us to provide tailor-made PAM solutions to customers in a wide range of industries, from government to commercial sectors. By combining NCS’s skills and experience with BeyondTrust’s industry-leading portfolio of PAM solutions, their customers can defend themselves against the evolving threat landscape.”

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