floLIVE, Skylo expands its global coverage with 5G NTN connectivity for IoT

floLIVE, a leading provider of global IoT connectivity and network services for IoT, and Skylo, an innovative provider of mobile connectivity via satellite, announced a partnership to provide continuous and affordable satellite non-terrestrial network coverage (NTN).

The partnership brings together floLIVE’s extensive carrier relationships and integrations with Skylo’s satellite connectivity that leverages existing satellite constellations already in orbit. This new partnership is enabled with a firmware update for existing devices and requires no new hardware; this will allow for a rapid rollout of devices and connectivity is expected to be live in Q1-2023.

New connected use cases are constantly evolving and expanding with the introduction of Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) technologies and NTN. The introduction of battery-powered devices with a lifespan of years has also greatly expanded the types of possible use cases. With these new connectivity methods, it is possible to use applications that monitor power lines to prevent wildfires, help mining and construction companies monitor their assets live, and protect people in remote areas that are often challenged with limited to no mobile connectivity.

Many of these important use cases arise in remote areas where mobile coverage can be patchy and unpredictable. To take advantage of the full range of possible use cases, connectivity must always be available. Skylo provides reliable coverage in remote and rural areas by leveraging satellite connectivity and incorporating the latest technologies that comply with 3GPP standards.

Skylo’s engineering teams have been working closely with modem makers over the past two years to develop the world’s first 3GPP standards-based approach to satellite NTN or direct-to-device connectivity. Skylo’s software-defined approach allows IoT devices to connect through existing, established satellites. This combination provides the fastest time-to-market, most robust and scalable solution to date for direct-to-device connectivity while preserving the inherent antenna, battery and power modules of the device.

With this new technology, customers can send and receive data via satellite as they normally would, as long as they have access to the open air – whether stationary or mobile.

floLIVE owns and operates the world’s first global, hyper-local mobile network. floLIVE plans to use Skylo’s service to address previously untapped markets and to provide a new groundbreaking asset tracking service for high-value goods.

Bill Wark, SVP Sales at floLIVEWe are excited to join forces with Skylo to expand our global reach into new territories and territories. This partnership allows us to expand the reach of our global network into new areas to provide truly ubiquitous coverage to our customers.

Eric DaVersa, VP Business Development at SkyloWe are excited to partner with floLIVE to rapidly enable a wide range of connected products over our satellite network. The fact that device manufacturers now have the choice to include satellite NTN connectivity in their products without adding additional hardware is a paradigm shift for the industry.

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